LEGO Is Launching a Botanical Collection for Serial Plant Killers

The LEGO® Group
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LEGO's products aren't just for kids. Last year, the company dedicated an entire section of its website to adult customers, featuring more complex sets that clock in at thousands of pieces. The latest collection from the Danish toy brand caters to builders who are all grown up—though maybe not grown enough to keep plants alive on their own.

As designboom reports, the Botanical Collection from LEGO reimagines flowers, succulents, and bonsai trees as plastic brick sculptures. The elaborate sets hold their own against the living plants you might find at your local nursery. The "potted" flowers in the line include the elegant white orchid and the vibrant bird of paradise. Once you're done building, the 756-piece flower bouquet set is ready to be displayed in a real vase of your choosing (no water required).

Orchid set from LEGO's Botanical Collection.
The LEGO® Group

For the meditative effects of growing a bonsai tree without the shears, try assembling LEGO's plastic version. And if you prefer low-maintenance plants even when they're fake, the Botanical Collection includes a colorful succulent display.

Succulent set from LEGO's Botanical Collection.
The LEGO® Group

The cost of the LEGO plants is comparable to the real thing, and if you have a black thumb, they may be a better investment. Prices range from $10 for a few flowers to $100 for the largest potted plants. The flower bouquet, bird of paradise, and bonsai tree sets are currently available to purchase through the LEGO shop. The succulent and orchid sets are available to preorder, with an official release date set for May 1 ahead of Mother's Day.

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