10 Brilliant Life-Hack Products That You Can Get for Under $20 on Amazon

Smart Design/Amazon
Smart Design/Amazon / Smart Design/Amazon
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From losing your keys to produce going bad in the refrigerator, common everyday problems like these can add up over time. But what if there were household items invented specifically to offer simple solutions to these seemingly unavoidable hassles? We’ve rounded up 10 life-hack products on Amazon under $20 that are designed to make your daily routine a lot easier to manage.

1. Avocado Saver, Pack of Two; $10


When avocados start turning brown due to oxidation, no one is happy. This tool protects the newly exposed side from the air and prevents the reaction from happening. When you initially cut the fruit in half, secure this tool to the uneaten side and know it will still be ripe in time for your next meal.

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2. Razor Extension Handle; From $18

UltraFlexx LLC/Amazon

Unless you have a very spacious shower, shaving your legs can be an ordeal. This extender handle holds onto any brand of razor and lets you have 20 extra inches of reach without hurting your back, so your days of having to contort your body into pretzel-like positions to get rid of unwanted hair are numbered.

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3. Esky Wireless Key Finder; $18 with on-page Coupon


This wireless key finder can help you locate your lost items within a 131-foot radius. It comes with four receivers, which you can attach to a keychain or set up near other products that are easy to misplace, like a purse or remote controls. When you need to find something, simply press the corresponding key color on the transmitter and follow the sound—it's that simple.

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4. Plastic Dryer Hedgehogs, Pack of THree; $14


These reusable dryer balls help soften clothing fabric while reducing drying time and energy usage. They look like little white hedgehogs and are made from hypoallergenic plastic, so they're durable. Another benefit is that shoppers say they help prevent static and wrinkles, meaning you won't have to iron freshly cleaned clothes as much as you typically might otherwise.

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5. Prepworks by Progressive Can Colander; $8

Progressive International/Amazon

This colander is designed with cans in mind and can be an easy way to drain liquid out of standard tins without emptying out all the contents. Either press it down into the can or flip it over and attach it around the edge. Position the can over a drain and presto—food is fully strained.

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6. No Touch Door Opener Keychain Multitool; $6

Blue Zone Living/Amazon

Door handles are one of the most common areas where bacteria can thrive. If you're worried about germs, a multi-tool like this that's designed to open doors can be a great investment. It has a pointer end to push buttons and a hook that can attach to most knobs, plus it easily fits on a keychain, so you can access it quickly.

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7. Every Drop Beauty Spatula; From $6

Every Drop/Amazon

This tool has an 8-inch bendable handle, so it can fit in most beauty bottles or tubes and get the last drops of product out. The spatula doubles as an applicator, so you can use it to evenly apply makeup, moisturizers, and other cosmetics. As the swab is so small, it's easy to travel with, too.

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8. Bluapple Produce Saver, Pack of Two; $20


Ethylene gas is produced by fruits to help them ripen. This is good when the produce is still growing, but not so much when it's still in your refrigerator. Place a Bluapple in your fruit or vegetable drawer, and it'll take in all the ethylene gas to help prevent your food from going bad before you have a chance to cook with it.

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9. Conair Fabric Defuzzer/Shaver; From $13


If all your favorite sweaters are covered in pills, this handheld gadget can help without damaging the fabric. You can choose from two different models, battery-operated or rechargeable, but both offer the same three settings, which you can adjust based on the clothing material you're working with. It also features an ergonomically designed handle and shoppers say it works on furniture and upholstery.

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10. HIWARE Window Blind Cleaner; $8


Household dust can negatively impact your health in many ways, resulting in irritated eyes, respiratory issues, and other adverse side effects. This cleaner is great for cleaning window blinds, one of the biggest areas where dust can settle, and uses microfiber cloth to capture particles. The prongs fit between most slats, so you can clean AC units and car vents with it as well.

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