Deck the Halls With Gore and ‘80s Throwbacks With These Horror-Themed Christmas Ornaments

Middle of Beyond is every horror fan’s destination for creepy Christmas decor. Whether you’re looking for a Michael Myers tree ornament or a sweater inspired by the Overlook Hotel, they’ve got you covered.
Now you can trim your tree with the Sentinel Sphere from 'Phantasm'
Now you can trim your tree with the Sentinel Sphere from 'Phantasm' / Middle of Beyond

Christmas has a history of creeping into Halloween’s territory, but that doesn’t have to be the case this year. Instead of putting away your gory decor on November 1, you can extend the spooky season through the end of 2023 with these retro horror-themed ornaments from Middle of Beyond.

Michael Myers and Cthulhu as Christmas tree ornaments
Michael Myers and Cthulhu as Christmas tree ornaments / Middle of Beyond

The online retailer’s collection of holiday merchandise represents mainstream horror movies from the 1970s and ‘80s, as well as cult favorites. Fans of the Halloween franchise can trim their tree with Michael Myer’s mask, his bloody knife, or a VHS tape of the John Carpenter classic.
You can grab Evil Dead II (1987)-themed ornaments too, including Ash’s chainsaw and the Necronomicon. Creepshow (1982), Phantasm (1979), and The Twilight Zone have also inspired festive keepsakes. Each ornament is made from blown glass and stands two to seven inches tall.

If bringing a touch of horror to your family’s Christmas tree will be a hard sell, Middle of Beyond also offers personal clothing items for the holidays. Their ugly sweaters emblazoned with Krampus, Gremlins, and a cannibalistic snowman are sure to spark conversations around the dinner table. For something you can wear year-round, check out their reversible jackets that feature horror movie iconography printed on both sides. 

Ugly holiday sweater inspired by 'The Shining'
Ugly holiday sweater inspired by 'The Shining' / Middle of Beyond

Middle of Beyond’s sweaters range from $80 to $85, and their reversible jackets sell for up to $130. An ornament from the online shop costs $15 to $20. If you’re looking for more opportunities to make the Christmas season a little creepier, here are some holiday horror movies to add to your watchlist.