Have the Hap-Hap-Happiest Holiday With the ‘Christmas Vacation’ Monopoly Game

Marty Moose token included.
Add some new twists to the holiday season.
Add some new twists to the holiday season. / Amazon / USAOPOLY; Justin Dodd, Mental Floss (background)
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If seasonal rewatches of 1989’s holiday classic National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation aren’t enough to satisfy your Clark Griswold addiction, you’re in luck. A new version of Monopoly featuring everything from the Jelly of the Month Club to a squirrel token is set to liven up your holiday.

In Monopoly: National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation Edition, players can navigate a typically tumultuous Griswold family gathering. Instead of expensive real estate, you’ll be dealing with everything from Clark’s infamous lighting display to the Christmas tree site.

The Monopoly: National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation Edition is pictured

The game, which is under license by Hasbro and manufactured by The Op, also features tokens like Dry Turkey, Chainsaw, and a Marty Moose Eggnog Glass.

Christmas Vacation was one of the rare threequels to equal or outdo its predecessors. Though it was only a modest hit in theaters, it’s since become a modern classic. (It also has a loose connection with another holiday favorite: The movie’s assistant director, Frank Capra III, is the grandson of It’s a Wonderful Life director Frank Capra.)

You can find Christmas Vacation Monopoly, which is intended for two to six players ages 15 and up, on Amazon or The Op. It’s slightly more expensive on Amazon—$50 compared to the Op’s $45 price tag—but regardless of which place you grab it from, it should arrive well before the holiday season officially kicks off.