This Wordle Board Game Lets You Play in Groups, Pick Your Own Words, and More

Not the most strategic guesses at play here.
Not the most strategic guesses at play here. / Hasbro
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Maybe you believe that Wordle is a perfect angel baby almost too pure for this world, and you wouldn’t change a thing about it. Or maybe you have some notes. 

You might, for example, dream about a version that doesn’t limit you to one grid per day; or wish there were a way to make it a group activity beyond just sending each other your scores after the fact. Perhaps you’d like to play God now and then—i.e. choose the word yourself and watch in glee as Wordlers’ eyebrows grow ever more furrowed with each guess.

And let’s say this newfangled Wordle with all its bells and whistles doesn’t replace the original digital puzzle, but rather exists alongside it. That utopian portrait isn’t confined to your imagination: Hasbro’s Wordle: The Party Game lets you and up to three friends do pretty much exactly what’s described above.

Wordle party game set-up shot with components laid out on a table
Time to settle the debate about who's the best Wordler in your friend group. / Hasbro

When it’s your turn, you pick a five-letter word, and the other players jot down their guesses on individual dry-erase boards. You manually place yellow and green tiles on each person’s correct and correctly placed letters, respectively, and award points corresponding to how many tries it takes for them to land on the solution (with seven points given to whoever exhausts all six tries without guessing the right word). The player with the fewest points at the end of the game takes home the prize (smugness).

While digital Wordle’s only variation is hard mode, Hasbro’s analog edition boasts three other modes: a fast mode, where players race against each other; a timed mode, where they race against the clock; and a team mode, which is ideal for parties of more than four. Also, feel free to make up your own house rules—like allowing plurals, proper nouns, and/or words in other languages.

You can order Wordle: The Party Game for $20 from Amazon.