10 Other SNL F-Bombs


In her debut performance on Saturday Night Live this weekend, comedian Jenny Slate became a member of a surprisingly exclusive club: people who have dropped the infamous "F-Bomb" on the show (here's the clip, which obviously contains strong language). Here's a quick list of 10 other slips of the tongue that have occurred during the show's 35 year, 659 episode run.

1. March 15, 1980: Paul Shaffer, David Letterman's band leader for the last hundred years, was supposed to say "floggin" during a sketch about a Medieval band rehearsing a song, but it didn't come out that way. When the audience heard the mix-up, they gasped in surprise, but nothing more really came from the incident.

2. February 21, 1981: The f-word made two appearances in this episode. Musical guest Prince played his song "Partyup," and included the uncensored line, "Fightin' war is such a f***in' bore." The show also featured a Dallas parody playing off the iconic "Who Shot J.R.?" storyline, which featured SNL cast member Charles Rocket as the Texas oil baron. As the cast and crew were saying goodnight to the audience at the end of the show, the host, Dallas star Charlene Tilton, asked Rocket how it felt to be shot. He replied, "Oh, man, it's the first time I've ever been shot in my life. I'd like to know who the f*** did it." Tilton and the rest of the cast were shocked at the slip-up, but laughed it off as the credits rolled. NBC execs, however, weren't laughing, and the event influenced their decision to let Rocket go as part of a massive round of layoffs after the season. (Watch Rocket's clip here.)

3. January 28, 1989: In the sketch, "Da Brooklyn Academy of Fine Arts presents Da War of da Woilds," guest-host Tony Danza and regulars from the show said "fonking" in their dialog. Jon Lovitz, on the other hand, was not, and his blatant disregard for censoring himself brought about the most laughs from the audience.

4. February 17, 1990: Aerosmith's Steven Tyler performed to promote their new album Pump (the same episode with the infamous Wayne's World sketch when the band debates the fall of Communism in Wayne's basement.) During the song "Monkey on My Back," Tyler sang the uncensored lyrics, "get the f***ing monkey off my back"

5. October 29, 1990: During a performance by Morris Day and The Time, there was a brief interlude in the song "Chocolate" when the music stops and Day shouts out, "Where the f*** this chicken come from? I thought I ordered ribs!"

6. May 14, 1994: Janet Jackson slipped an f-bomb into her performance of "Throb" from her hit album, Janet.

7. November 12, 1994: R.E.M.'s Michael Stipe performed "What's the Frequency Kenneth?"—a song whose last line reads, "I never understood. Don't f*** with me." While Stipe did sing the line, he did so with his back turned to the audience, so it wouldn't be clearly interpreted.

8. December 10, 1994: The Beastie Boys performed their classic hip-hop song "Sure Shot," which featured Ad Rock yelling the lyric, "Never quittin', so won't you f***in' listen?"

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10. May 7, 2005: Daron Malakian, guitar player for the metal band, System of a Down, screamed out "F*** yeah!" at the end of the band's performance.