If You Only Knew Then What You Know Now...


As the old adage says: youth is wasted on the young.

NPR recently shared the tale of a 22-year old blogger named Cassie Boorn, who posed an interesting question to the women of the world via her blog. The NPR story explains the intriguing premise:

Say you're in your 30s or 40s and you could write a letter to your 20-year-old self. What would you say?

So far, she's received some extremely varied and wise thoughts. Among them:

"Speaking of money, way to not have a credit card yet, that is a good move. Although, seriously: you have no concept of managing money in any kind of real way. That's going to suck in a few years when you do get a credit card, and aren't as good as you should be about paying off the balance." "You look like a damn model. Enjoy that concave stomach and stop being self-conscious about your body." "As for prince charming, thanks for believing that he exists. When you meet him, don't be surprised if he doesn't appear to be much more than a friend at first." "You didn't develop your character because you did everything right.  As that rickety old woman told once you, flowers grow in the valley, not the mountaintop. And you have to walk through the valley to get back up there."

So, the question is: what would you say? Give us a few of your own pearls of wisdom before you send your full letter to her blog.