Introducing the Candwich


God forbid you should ever find yourself trapped inside your home during a tornado, hurricane or earthquake. A situation like that is bad enough. But what if you were in that situation and also found that the only food you had to sustain yourself was a bunch of old canned beans and random vegetables you'd long ago stored in an emergency kit? Wouldn't it be so much easier to keep up your spirit and strength if you could instead pop open a can containing a BBQ Chicken sandwich?

Or, say you find yourself on a camping trip and you stop to set up your tent for the night and get something to eat. Sure, you could go out and hunt and forage for berries or small woodland creatures and then come back and build a campfire to cook them over. But you'd be tired from hiking all day. Wouldn't you rather just reach in your backpack and pull out a delicious can of peanut butter & jelly?

Mark Kirkland is certainly hoping that makes good sense to you, because he's the inventor of the Candwich "“ the world's first sandwich in a can. In addition to camping and natural disaster scenarios, the product can also be a savior on those days when you accidentally leave your lunch at home - since the Candwich's unique packaging makes it possible for them to be sold in vending machines alongside cans of soda or juice.

In this article, Kirkland even offers some on-the-go meal prep advice:

"You can eat it right out of the can, but I know people who will take the BBQ chicken can, put it on their car dashboard and let the sun heat it up."

Bon Appétit.