Building a Urinal and Other Ways to Repurpose Old Video Game Cartridges


A lot of us have old video games lying around somewhere. Maybe some old Nintendo games in the attic. Boxes of Sega Genesis cartridges cluttering up the basement. Maybe even a few Atari games collecting dust in a closet.

Sure, you could try to unload them at a garage sale or on eBay. But wouldn’t you rather get creative? Here are a few odd uses for them I have run across around the web recently:

The blog Price Charting has instructions detailing how to build a urinal from old Super Nintendo games. This video (probably a bit NSFW) even shows it in action:

Instructables can help you out with a number of different cartridge-related projects. Want to turn your old Nintendo console into a USB flash drive? They have that covered. Maybe not the most mobile of storage devices, but look how cool:

They can also show you how to make a super cool clock

Or a Super Nintendo wallet complete with sound, lights and a place to store a house key…

Or portable speakers

Or even a wifi router

If you aren’t a DIY kind of person but you do have a bunch of Atari games, maybe you could sell them to Niles Z. The self-described “videoconferencing engineer by day, mad scientist by night” maintains a website where he sells Atari cartridge wallets like the one shown in this awesome promo video starring Pac-Man: