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The 1940s Produced the Greatest Generation - Of Squirrel Outfitters - the World Has Ever Seen
This gallery depicting Mrs. Mark Bullis and her snazzily-dressed squirrel, Tommy Tucker, is pretty awesome.
E-Books Are Cool and All, But Can You Make a Super Cool Safe out of Them?
The answer is no, you can not. And everyone needs one of these.
What Can iPads Teach Your Toddlers?
Is your preschooler actually learning anything from those educational iPad apps?
"They could result in the devastation of world agriculture, severe disruption of food supplies, and mass starvation. These effects could be sufficiently severe to threaten the fabric of civilization."
No, that quote isn’t about the Kardashians. That’s a description of the damage that could be wrought by a Super Volcano like the one conveniently situated under Yellowstone Park.

Luckily, that volcano might not be quite as dangerous as previously thought. Oh, it’s still unbelievably, terrifyingly dangerous. Just 12% less so than previously thought.
Finally I’ll Understand Some of the Things That Smart People Talk About at Parties
Although, to be honest, it would have to be a party that none my actual friends attended, because we don’t discuss complex concepts. We usually just talk about Storage Wars.
The World Can Be a Lawless, Chaotic Place
Thankfully, Good has taken it upon themselves to create a set of rules for telling a joke, watching sports, sending work emails and many more common everyday tasks that people manage to screw up.
Banning College Football?
In the light of the death of Junior Seau, even the most rabid of gridiron fanatics (myself included) should at least examine the validity of Malcolm Gladwell’s arguments.
Al Gore Didn’t Invent the Internet, But He's Now in Its Hall of Fame
Along with Craig (of List fame) and the guy responsible for you receiving all those pleas for money from deposed foreign kings.

Who would you nominate to go into the Internet Hall of Fame? Throw your ideas in the comments below. And, for God’s sake, please keep them PG.