Tea Time Links: Pampering the Stressed-Out Kindergarten Set


That Old Write-a-Book-and-Bury-it-for-Discovery-by-a-Mogul Ploy Is the Oldest Trick in the Book
Kathy Hepinstall wrote a book that she wants Oprah to read. So she buried it on a mountain and took out a newspaper ad giving O instructions and a treasure map. If Oprah is half as cool as people think she is, she’ll be on that mountain searching in no time. Or she’ll pay one of her minions to do it. Either way, she should make that happen. (Via Whatevs)


Got Anything New I Should Be Worrying About?
How about a robot uprising?


My Nerves Are Just Shot From All These Building Blocks & Monkey Bars & Naps
How do you tell when a child is being pampered and when they’re just living the normal life of a toddler?


Draw Something… That Proves You Have Way Too Much Free Time

These masterpieces from Draw Something are really amazing. I only wish I would receive one of these from a friend so that I could intentionally guess the wrong words a bunch of times just to really irk them.


Happy Birthday, Don Rickles
He’s Mr. Warmth and he’s Mr. Potato Head. But more importantly, he’s one of the best insult comics of all time. This video of him taking home the Johnny Carson Award the other night proves why.

Nowhere did Rickles put his sharp wit to better use than in celebrity roasts. He turns 86 today, so take a moment to honor the great legacy of Rickles and other irreverent mudslingers like him.


Maurice Sendak: The King of All Wild Things
And by now you’ve heard the sad news that Maurice Sendak, the entertaining and acerbic author of Where the Wild Things Are, has passed away. That is why it is absolutely imperative that you watch this two-part interview he did with Stephen Colbert back in January. Be aware that it does contain some slightly NSFW content.

The Colbert Report
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The Colbert Report
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