11 Product Names That Mean Unfortunate Things in Other Languages

'Lumia' doesn't exactly translate well.
'Lumia' doesn't exactly translate well. / Ian Gavan/Getty Images for Nokia

Kotaku's Eric Jou reviewed Burger King China's PooPoo Smoothie in 2014. (He says it's delicious.) While you're craving your own "mango ice smoothie with blow-up pearls," here are 11 more tragic, bizarre, or off-color examples of products that really exist—and don’t always mean what their manufacturers intended.

1. Pee Cola

This extremely popular soda, which is bottled in Ghana, means “very good Cola,” but that’s not most tourists’ first impression.

2. Lumia

3. Barf

In Iran, where this detergent is manufactured, that word means “snow.” Outside of Iran, where this detergent is sold, it calls forth something rather less pristine and redolent.

4. “It takes a tough man to make a tender chicken.”

5. Fart Bar

6. Aass Fatol

7. Siri

In the Georgian language, the iPhone’s personal assistant software is a rude word for cock. And no, we’re not talking about a rooster.

8. Shito

9. Only Puke(et)

On these Chinese-made honey bean chips, the “et” after “Puke” is unfortunately obscured by the packaging design.

10. Chleb Semen

OK, admittedly, perhaps only 14-year-old boys should think this type of Polish bread—which means, literally, “bread with seeds”—is funny.

11. Megapussi