17 Amazingly Geeky Wedding Cakes


We’ve covered all sorts of geeky wedding topics, and cakes celebrating all kinds of occasions (including divorce). Now, it's time to take on geeky wedding cakes.

1. Castle on a Cake

Lord of the Rings has some truly epic romances, but arguably the most epic is Arwen and Aragorn’s love, which culminates in a wedding in Minas Tirith. For those who feel they have overcome similar obstacles in their relationship, this cake by The Cake Geek is a fitting and absolutely gorgeous way to celebrate your love and mutual geekdom.

2. The One Cake

If you think the Minas Tirith cake is just too pretty, well, perhaps you’d prefer a Gollum cake, like this one created by Crazy Cakes. You might even say it’s “precious.”

3. Runaway Snitch

Of course, a wedding cake doesn't need to be over the top to reflect your geek interests. This golden snitch cake, by Sweet Talk Cakes, is a perfect balance between a traditional white wedding cake and a dedicated Harry Potter tribute.

4. The Doctor's In

Similarly, this Doctor Who cake, by The Butter End Cakery, looks like an ordinary white, floral wedding cake just happened to have a TARDIS land on top of it right as a few dinosaurs began to attack—which seems incredibly fitting for the series.

5. Alien Invasion

Of course, if there’s any Doctor Who icon more famous than the TARDIS, it would certainly be the Daleks, and these adorable matching bride and groom Dalek wedding cakes, from Reddit user eclaire4186, might be the most awesomely geeky Doctor Who cakes ever made.

6. Who Ya Gonna Call?

Perhaps one of the most iconic scenes in film history is the one where the Ghostbusters fight the Stay Puft marshmallow man and never before has that scene been recreated so perfectly than in this wedding cake, created by the legendary team at Charm City Cakes.

7. Captain's Log

If you prefer your iconic wedding cakes to be a little creepy, then you’ll certainly love this wedding cake used at the wedding of Zeph and Sara LaFassett. (They kept his head in the freezer to eat the following year.)

8. Keep on Trekkin'

Klingons might not be known for being romantic, but there’s no denying the love in this picture or how amazing this Borg wedding cake by Restoration Cake is.

9. An Alien Affair

On a similar note, Alien Vs. Predator might just be the least romantic movie in all of history, but Little Cherry Cake Company begs to differ, showing that really the movie just showed to unlikely lovers searching for common ground. In a way, it makes sense—after all, the end of the movie showed what their love child looked like.

10. Use the Force

If you really want to go all out on a sci-fi wedding cake though, there’s no greater touch than adding working lighting. Just look at how amazing this Millennium Falcon Star Wars cake by The Butter End Cakery (the same baker who made the TARDIS/dinos cake) looks with those glowing lights in the front.

11. Star Crossed

Similarly, this Star Craft cake, created for Reddit user Jenners and her Diamond League husband, was made to light up in multiple places, thanks to the technical skills of baker Chelley Sherman.

12. Just Peachy

When it comes to video games, no characters have been used on more wedding cakes than Mario and Princess Peach. And with so many shared titles between them, it’s no wonder. Just look at all the characters and game areas referenced in this great cake by The Hazelnut Bakery.

13. The Princess and The Plumber

Here’s another great Mario-themed wedding cake, this time by Love Candy Cakes created for Jane & Neil’s geektastic wedding. Again, just look at all the game titles squeezed into one cake.

14. Missing Link

Zelda is another perfect game for a wedding cake because the stories always revolve around Link and his beloved Princess Zelda. Here’s a gorgeous Wind Waker cake by Little Cherry Cake Company (the same one that brought us the AVP cake above).

15. Fit for a Princess

For those girls who have always dreamed of living like a princess on their wedding day though, no character is more appropriate than Cinderella. This topsy turvey pumpkin carriage cake by Give Me Some Sugar would certainly make any lady feel like a true princess.

16. Muppets on Cake

While few girls really want to feel like Miss Piggy, geeks tend to be bigger fans of the Muppets than of Disney’s classic princess movies, which is why this epic Muppets wedding cake by Love At First Bite is just so perfect.

17. Stitch-y

This Stitch and Angel cake by Nerdache Cakes is perfect for couples who are slight monsters together, but in the cutest and most loving way possible.

Given the comments we’ve had on previous wedding articles, I know plenty of our readers have had geeky weddings of their own—did any of you have cakes like these at your weddings? If so, tell us about it and feel free to post some pictures or links to pictures in the comments!