9 Cute and Clever Snowmen

DeviantART member billy-008
DeviantART member billy-008 / DeviantART member billy-008

Now that we've reached the end of February, it's time to round up our favorite snowmen of the season before we bid them goodbye. Oh, we won't miss the cold weather at all, but it's nice to have the photographs of clever snow sculptures – after all, in August when we're sweltering under the sun, we can pull these up and admire them again!

1. Snow Goon

Well, that's what happens when you live near a nuclear reactor. Redditor IrishmanErrant works at MURR (The University of Missouri Research reactor). He and a friend built this snowman. Or is it snowmen?

2. The Sikhest Snowman

Somewhere in England, this work of art emerged from the snow this winter. The Sikh dress and accessory details are right, but seeing a snowman with arms bared to show off his muscles makes me feel just a little cold.

3. The Snowdog and Model

Photo credit: Flickr user Ferlinka Borzoi (Deb West).

Snowmen don't really have to be men – or even human! Mychtar the borzoi (also known as the Russian wolfhound) posed with the snow sculpture made in his likeness. This photograph became the family's Christmas card that year.

4. Lego Minifig

This giant minifig snowman was built in Denmark, the home of the Lego Group. Yes, minifigs are normally yellow, but yellow snow tends to turn people off.

5. Dead Hand Snowman

DeviantART member billy-008 and a friend spent five hours building this snow replica of the character Dead Hand from the Zelda game "The Ocarina of Time." Lucky that he got a good photograph, as someone came along shortly afterward and kicked its head off. The nerve of some people!

6. Snowman Workout

Yes, he lifts, but he really should work on those legs. And maybe give up smoking.

7. Phone Booth Snowman

Surprise! There are still public phone booths in some places. And when one rings, you are still bound to answer it. Even if you are a snowman.

8. Snow Skull

Snow as an art medium can be made to express almost anything, until your fingers freeze off trying to finish the project. I love the gold tooth in this snow skull that probably started out as a Christmas tree ornament.

9. Phoenix Snowman

Phoenix, Arizona, got a bit of a snowfall last week. That's a bit unusual, and Charlotte Shaff documented the appearance of an actual made-from-snow Arizona snowman, as small as he is. Notice it isn't even cold enough to wear a coat!  

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