11 Snazzy Chicken Coops for Backyard Poultry Farmers

Neiman Marcus
Neiman Marcus / Neiman Marcus

You no longer have to settle for a boring boxy coop for your backyard brood. Here are eleven coops that break the mold.

1. The Hobbit Hole Chicken Coop


A chicken coop with round doors and round windows? I'm sold.

2. The Nogg


This egg-shaped sculptural coop houses 2-4 chickens. It's so pretty I'm checking my pockets to see if I have an extra few thousand dollars I forgot about.

3. The Stoop Coop

Just Fine Design

This coop is built to look like a short flight of stairs, and is made for small urban back yards. This designer's coops are all pretty great, but this one fits the bill for city dwellers who just want to keep three or four hens.

4. The Chicken Tractor

Williams Sonoma

This no-frills coop can be moved around your yard. It has a cedar shake roof and pine siding.

5. The Eglu by Omelet


Cute name, cute house. This bright plastic coop will fit right in with your kid's garishly colored backyard playhouse. It looks like it would hose off much more easily than the wood coops.

6. The Green Roof

Williams Sonoma

For the space-conscious poultry farmer, this coop includes a rooftop garden to shade the chickens when they're in their spacious 25-square-foot run.

7. Reclaimed and Rustic

Williams Sonoma

Everybody likes reclaimed. This one is made of old redwood fencing.

8. The Little Winnebago

Modern Coops

Also made out of reclaimed wood, this coop looks a little like an old school mobile home, complete with racing stripes. The little windows in the roosting area are especially charming.

9. The Miniature House

This chicken coop is built to look like a tiny house, complete with shutters on the windows. The linoleum inside adds a homey touch.

10. The Buckingham Chicken House

Chicken Houses World

Your very British chickens will appreciate this indoor-outdoor living experience in the Buckingham Palace of henhouses. It's made out of Scandinavian redwood.

11. Beau Coop

Neiman Marcus

Last but not least, this six-figure chicken coop costs more than the homes of many humans. Your chickens will enjoy a chandelier and other posh decor inspired by the Palace of Versailles. When you purchase the coop, Neiman Marcus will make a $3000 donation to a nonprofit that helps conserve endangered livestock breeds.

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