10 Stop Signs With Song Lyric Graffiti

Flickr user rkimpeljr
Flickr user rkimpeljr / Flickr user rkimpeljr

How many songs can you think of that have the word STOP in them? Apparently graffiti artists have been able to think of quite a few and have used them to alter stop signs all over the country. These are our favorites.

1. Stop... Hammer time!

From MC Hammer’s 1990 song "U Can’t Touch This." MC Hammer is perhaps best remembered for his pants and for the line adorning this sign.

2. Stop in the name of Love

Courtesy of Capskins

Released in 1965 by the Supremes, "Stop in the Name of Love" has been covered many times.

3. Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough

Courtesy of IWantCovers

Michael Jackson looks so young performing this 1979 song, "Don’t Stop til You Get Enough."

4. Stop, Collaborate and Listen

Courtesy of FunnySigns

Vanilla Ice's—or Robert Van Winkle—song "Ice Ice Baby" was released in 1989.

5. Can't Stop Dancing

Courtesy of Smokin' Tops

R&B group Archie Bell & the Drells released "I Can’t Stop Dancing" in 1968.

6. Stop Right Now

Courtesy of CheezBurger

The Spice Girls released "Stop" as part of their Spiceworld album in 1997.

7. Don't Stop Believin'

Courtesy of jugbo

Men of a certain age can’t get enough of Journey’s 1981 song "Don’t Stop Believin’." We’re linking to the Glee version here. Purists, please forgive us.

8. Nothing Can Stop Me Now

Courtesy of MushyPony

The Nine Inch Nails song "Piggy" is sometimes given the subtitle “Nothing Can Stop Me Now.”

9. Don't Stop Me Now

Courtesy of 1llustr4t04

Queen recorded "Don’t Stop Me Now"—memorably used in one sequence of the zombie film Shaun of the Dead (NSFW language in that clip)—in France in 1978.

10. Don't Stop the Music

Courtesy of DesignTaxi

Rihanna released "Don’t Stop the Music" in 2007.