Introducing the Frork, McDonald's New Utensil Made from Fries

McDonald's//YouTube / McDonald's//YouTube

Lately, fast food companies have been serving their signature sandwiches with a side of self-aware satire. During the week before April Fool’s Day, for example, Burger King released a mock infomercial for "Whopper Toothpaste," which promised to give customers long-lasting burger breath. Now, Vocativ reports that McDonald’s has introduced a new custom utensil called the “frork”—a fork with French fries as prongs.

Unlike Whopper Toothpaste, the frork actually exists: It was designed to promote the franchise’s Signature Crafted Recipes sandwiches, which include Pico Guacamole, Sweet BBQ Bacon, and Maple Bacon Dijon. All three burgers have one thing in common: an abundance of messy toppings. (Check out the infomercial touting their “frork” below.)

“When savoring these recipes, there’s a hitch you just can’t ditch: the topping dropping,” McDonald’s pitchman (and infomercial superstar) Anthony Sullivan explains in the video. To ensure that no mouthful of guacamole, barbecue sauce, or Dijon is wasted, simply insert some fries into the silicon gadget’s slots, and use them to scoop or sop up the sandwich’s excess condiments.

“Will the Frork change your life? Probably not,” Sullivan says in the video. “Will the Frork improve your Signature Crafted Recipes eating experience? I mean, sure … maybe.”

Customers can snag their own free frorks, or a coupon for a free Signature Crafted Recipes sandwich, by calling 1-844-McD-FRORK. And on May 5, select McDonald’s locations around the country will distribute Frorks to customers who purchase a Signature Crafted Sandwich, while supplies last.

[h/t Vocativ]