Trix Cereal Did Away With All Its Artificial Flavors and Colors, and Outrage Ensued

Mike Mozart via Flickr//CC BY 2.0
Mike Mozart via Flickr//CC BY 2.0 / Mike Mozart via Flickr//CC BY 2.0

For some Millennials, few cereals are more nostalgic than Trix. But in 2016, the colorful corn puffs received a makeover after General Mills decided to remove artificial flavors and colors from their products. Now, Eater reports that Trix fans are taking to social media to publicly decry the ostensibly healthful changes made to their beloved breakfast food.

The new Trix cereal features four colors instead of the traditional six (there aren’t good natural alternatives for blue and green), and in tepid, watered-down shades—a far cry from the original Technicolor puffs. The updated version has been available in grocery stores for a few months, but it took a while for fans to notice the switch and vent their frustrations online.

Those upset fans can at least take consolation in the fact that we’re living in a brave new world of breakfast foods: Between all-marshmallow Lucky Charms and a forthcoming Girl Scout cookie-flavored cereal line, there may have never been more opportunities to score a sugar high while still wearing your pajamas.

[h/t Eater]