Denali National Park’s Sled Dog Puppycam Is About to Become Your New Obsession

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One of the great benefits of technology is that is can bring people from all over the world together to simultaneously witness the same event. And sometimes that event involves puppies. Adorable puppies. And lots of them. Case in point: the sled dog puppy webcam at Alaska’s Denali National Park & Preserve.

Sled dogs have been a part of the park’s tradition pretty much since it was first established in 1917. Harry Karstens, the first superintendent of the preserve (back when it was Mount McKinley National Park), was an experienced dog musher who employed a team of canines to get around. Since then, the park's kennel has continued to provide valuable transportation—helping rangers to patrol, carry supplies, and create trails, even in the biting cold. They’re a particularly valuable resource, as the federally protected area does not allow motorized vehicles.

But before they can get to work, they need to grow up. On August 4, 2017, resident pupper Clove (who staffers call “one of the most opinionated dogs in the yard”) gave birth to a healthy litter of seven pups, five males and two females. And, yes, they’re absolutely precious.

"They are doing great,” kennel manager Jen Raffaeli reported just a few days later. "They are just nursing and sleeping and growing."

Those viewers lucky enough to be tuned into the puppycam around that time got a first glimpse at the adorable pups, who will eventually help patrol the park and serve as some of its most adorable ambassadors. In 2016, Raffaeli told CBS Sunday Morning: "We always joke that they're the happiest government employees you’ll ever meet." It only takes a few minutes of tuning in to see that she’s not joking.

For even more sled pup adorableness, check out Denali’s dog blog, meet the pooches online, watch them in action in person, and even consider adopting one once their government service has come to an end.