10 Ambitious Yarn Bombing Projects


You've probably seen some greying crocheted yarn around a telephone pole, or a tree trunk that looks like it's wearing a giant leg warmer. That's yarn bombing (or yarn storming), a form of graffiti that involves covering objects in public spaces with knitted, woven, or crocheted yarn cozies. It has gained popularity over the last 10 years. Some yarn bombers have gotten even more ambitious than trees and telephone poles. Here are a few of the most beautiful and outrageous examples of yarn bombing we could find.

1. A Building

A vacant building in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood (above) was very thoroughly yarn bombed.

2. A Car

Courtesy of Yarn Doodler

If you're going to yarn bomb a car, it might as well be a small car.

3. A Bus

Courtesy of Knittaporfavor

A group of women in Dubai yarn bombed a bus.

4. A Bike


There are a lot of examples of yarn bombed bicycles. This is among the most beautiful.

5. A Boat

Courtesy of Casa, Cosa Y Demas

When yarn bombing a boat, it's better to stay above the water line.

6. A Camper

Courtesy of Knittaporfavor

Do you think yarn bombing a camper adds insulation?

7. A Tank

Courtesy of Environmental Graffiti

It's hard to be scared of a tank when it's covered in a pink and purple tank cozy.

8. A Motorcycle

Courtesy of Theresa Honeywell

The title of this piece says it all: "Acrylic Yarn Cozy Over Motorcycle."

9. A Bridge

Courtesy of The Bees

It took a year and a half and 16,000 zip ties to yarn bomb this bridge in Ontario.

10. A Yard of Trees

Courtesy of Dan Machold

One yarn bombed tree is interesting. A whole field of them is amazing.

Primary image courtesy of Flickr user Sea Turtle.