Watch Every Episode of Home Run Derby (1960)

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“Well, gentlemen, today you’re going to go up for the big money. The winner will receive $2,000. The loser, $1,000.”

The Major League Baseball All-Star break has arrived, and with it comes tonight’s Home Run Derby, where the game’s top sluggers pepper the host stadium’s outfield seats with a barrage of skyscraping blasts. If you’re anxiously awaiting tonight’s event, you really should know more about the TV show that inspired it.

Back in 1960, Home Run Derby was a syndicated TV show that aired for a single season and featured some of baseball’s most iconic players (Mickey Mantle, Willie Mays, Hank Aaron) competing to win “big money” by battling through a 9-inning contest.

Here's each matchup, with the first four episodes (head over to Hulu for the rest of the series).

Episode #1: Mickey Mantle 9, Willie Mays 8

Episode #2: Mickey Mantle 5, Ernie Banks 3

Episode #3: Mickey Mantle 9, Jackie Jensen 2

Episode #4: Harmon Killebrew 9, Mickey Mantle 8

Episode #5: Harmon Killebrew 6, Rocky Colavito 5

Episode #6: Ken Boyer 3, Harmon Killebrew 2

Episode #7: Hank Aaron 9, Ken Boyer 6

Episode #8: Hank Aaron 6, Jim Lemon 4

Episode #9: Hank Aaron 4, Eddie Mathews 3

Episode #10: Hank Aaron 5, Al Kaline 1

Episode #11: Hank Aaron 3, Duke Snider 1

Episode #12: Hank Aaron 3, Bob Allison 2

Episode #13: Wally Post 7, Hank Aaron 4

Episode #14: Dick Stuart 11, Wally Post 9

Episode #15: Dick Stuart 7, Gus Triandos 1

Episode #16: Frank Robinson 6, Dick Stuart 3

Episode #17: Bob Cerv 8, Frank Robinson 7

Episode #18: Bob Allison 4, Bob Cerv 3

Episode #19: Willie Mays 11, Bob Allison 3

Episode #20: Willie Mays 7, Harmon Killebrew 6

Episode #21: Willie Mays 6, Jim Lemon 3

Episode #22: Gil Hodges 6, Willie Mays 3

Episode #23: Ernie Banks 11, Gil Hodges 7

Episode #24: Jackie Jensen 14, Ernie Banks 11

Episode #25: Jackie Jensen 3, Rocky Colavito 2

Episode #26: Mickey Mantle 13, Jackie Jensen 10

Go watch them all here.

Host Mark Scott died of a heart attack after the first season of Home Run Derby, and that was that.

One last note on that prize structure: as a frame of reference, this year’s highest paid major leaguer is Alex Rodriguez, whose $29 million salary equates to $179,012 for every game in the 162-game season. That also works out to $6,630 A-Rod “earns” for every one of the standard 27 outs in each of his team’s 162-games. And keep in mind that he’s collecting this princely sum even though he has yet to play in a single game this season due to injury.