10 Monty Pythonesque British Place Names

Flickr user Brownie Bear
Flickr user Brownie Bear / Flickr user Brownie Bear

Monty Python, the British comedy troupe famous for their ability to poke fun at their fellow Brits, could have had a field day with these real British place names.

1. Crotch Crescent

This street name in Oxford sounds like some kind of fashion faux pas.

2. Cocknmouth Close

I don't think there's a G-rated way to pronounce this street in Surrey.

3. Spanker Avenue

It would be hard to keep a straight face while giving directions to this street in Derbyshire.

4. Titty Ho

There's nothing more hilarious than the double whammy of suggestive place names. This section of Wellingborough is almost as good as South America's Lake Titicaca.

5. Fanny Avenue

This street name in Derbyshire is certainly cheeky.

6. Twatt

Courtesy of AOL Travel

There are two Scottish towns called Twatt, one in the Shetland Islands and one in the Orkney Islands.

7. Lickfold

This is in West Sussex. It's embarrassing to even type it.

8. Tickle Cock Bridge

Courtesy of Flickr user Addictive Picasso

When this pedestrian underpass in Castleford was rebuilt in 2008, there was an attempt to rename it "Tittle Cott Bridge," but there was an outcry from locals and the original name was restored.

9. Butt Hole Road

Courtesy of The B.S. Report

We hope they never rename this street in Yorkshire.

10. Shitterton

Courtesy of Geograph

This little town in Dorset is more than 1000 years old.

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