5 Great Chrome Add-Ons You Should Install Now

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No matter what you’re using your web browser for, there’s probably a browser extension that could improve the experience. Google Chrome’s add-ons can help you resist impulse buys, correct your grammar, and more. Here are five free add-ons for Chrome that will help you be your best self:



Icebox by Finder prevents you from immediately buying the first thing that catches your fancy online. The extension lets you put future purchases “on ice” for whatever amount of time you choose. Once that time period elapses, you can go buy the item—if you still want to, that is.

Get it for Chrome here.



If you need to use research studies during your day (or just read a lot of science news), you’ve probably been stymied by an academic journal’s paywalls before. Unpaywall lets you skip past those. The extension trolls the web for free PDF versions (often uploaded by the paper’s authors) of the study you’re looking for, letting you legally read paywalled articles without a subscription. The company estimates that it finds around 47 percent of the papers its customers search for available for free.

Get it for Chrome here.


Screenshot, Grammarly

Even the most diligent of email-drafters occasionally writes there instead of their. Grammarly’s browser extension catches your spelling and grammar mistakes no matter what you’re doing online, making sure you keep your its and it’s in line. (It’s also available for Safari and Firefox as well as desktops and smartphones.)

Get it for Chrome here.


Spending too much time on Facebook? News Feed Eradicator takes away the temptation. When you go to Facebook, instead of seeing your feed, you’ll see an inspirational quote meant to keep you away from the site—like the Roman poet Horace’s “Rule your mind or it will rule you.”

Get it for Chrome here.


Tab for a Cause

Tab for a Cause (also available for Firefox) gives you reason to feel good about all those browser tabs you have open. The extension helps raise money for charity with every tab opened. When you hit that “New Tab” button, the page will automatically redirect to the Tab for a Cause page, which hosts several small ads. The company gives the money it makes from that advertising to charities like Water.org and Conservation International. You get points for every tab you open, and then you can choose where to donate the advertising revenue you personally generated.

Get it for Chrome here.