Literary Masterpieces, Deconstructed and Remade


Louise Verity buys up vintage copies of classic books and then tears them up.

We’d typically shudder at such disrespect to literary masterpieces, but Louise turns the pages of those classics and the beautiful words therein into art for book-loving homes and workplaces.

Louise, who lives in Northhamptonshire, England, "rescues" classics and, using a font she designed specifically for her typographic art, prints the quotes directly on individual pages. The pages are then hand-framed in eco-friendly wood by a family business in the UK—Louise's family, to be exact.

We really like Louise—we like that her toddler son calls her "Mummy" and we like that she lists "cakes with more icing than cake" and "the smell of old books" as two of her "likes." Mostly, we admire her love of words, the inspiration that she clearly gets from them, and the talent and creativity she has to turn those words into art so that others can feel inspired by them, too.

We’re carrying three of our favorites from her collection with quotes and pages from The Great Gatsby, The Wizard of Oz, and Alice In Wonderland.  Because each uses a different actual page from her vintage book finds, each individual piece is unique.  Choose your favorite or save on each by getting the entire set of three.