11 Spooky Halloween Tattoos

Brad Stevens
Brad Stevens / Brad Stevens

For some of us, every day is Halloween. What better way to celebrate the spookiest holiday of the year with indelible body art?

1. Trick and Treat

This adorable tattoo has all the Halloween bases covered. Witch? Check? Ghost? Yup. Pumpkin? Hell, yeah. The person who has this tattoo—which was created by Adam Gibson of Good Times Tattoo in Salt Lake City, Utah—should get free candy corn for life.

2. Bridezilla

This lovely traditional-style Bride, inked by Matt Houston of Gastown Tattoo Parlor in Vancouver, will have Frankie agog. Stitches never looked so beautiful.

3. A True Halloween Lover

You think you love Halloween more than anyone else? Sorry, but this back piece—done by Darcy Nutt of Chalice Tattoo in Boise, Idaho—proves you wrong. It is so full of colorful pumpkin-y goodness that you've gotta smile.

4. and 5. Bewitching

Here are two pin-up witches for the price of one! The black and grey gal has her broom and bats at the ready, while her more colorful counterpart has a kitty and bubbling cauldron. New York Adorned's Brad Stevens has a portfolio full of spooky tattoos (like these ladies in their Halloween costumes), so peruse to your heart's content.

6. Not a Nightmare at All

Nothing says true love like Jack Skellington and Sally cuddled up. The shading and cool cameo-like shape makes this Nightmare Before Christmas tattoo—inked by Red at Dark Circle in Middlesbrough, UK—stand out from the crowd.

7. Straight from the Belfry

What's better than a jaunty bat? Look, it's so spooky yet full of love! This tattoo was created by Meg Knobel of Buju Tattoo in San Diego, California.

8. Delightfully Gorey

edward gorey bat tattoo
edward gorey bat tattoo /

The delightful drawings of Edward Gorey are always a wonderful tattoo subject, and this detailed black-and-white batty bat—inked by an artist at A Gypsy Rose Tattoo in New Orleans—is a winner.

9. Even Gorey-er

gorey dracula tattoo
gorey dracula tattoo /

Speaking of Edward Gorey, one of his lesser-known projects was an illustrated version of Dracula, which is also available as a tiny pop-up paper theater. This illustration of Dracula and Lucy, inked by Shawn Dubin of Moo Tattoo in Philadelphia, takes up a nice chunk of skin—the better to see the elegant cross-hatching that's a signature Gorey style.

10. Thanks for the Meows

Halloween Kitty
Halloween Kitty /

Can you even deal? A stitched-up black cat, wearing a party hat, popping out of a pumpkin, with little bats and spiderwebs and a lucky 13 for good measure? No, no, we cannot even deal. This tattoo is the work of artist Sunny Buick.

11. Zombie Boy

Rico the Zombie (aka Rick Genest) has walked the runways, shown up in Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" video, and is a spokesperson for L'Oreal's Dermablend make-up. The majority of his body art is by Frank Lewis of Montreal. No matter what kind of haute couture Genest is wearing, he's always ready for Halloween underneath his clothes.