13 Sculptures Made Out of Books

Cara Barer
Cara Barer / Cara Barer

Books are beautiful in their own right, but these artists have managed to improve on perfection.

1. Books to infinity


This crazy miracle in a library in Prague was designed by Slovakian artist Matej Kren. There’s a mirror inside so the tunnel of books looks endless when you lean into it.

2. Books as landscapes

Guy Laramee

Montreal-based artist Guy Laramee uses the texture of the pages to give the feeling of earth and rocks in his landscape sculptures.

3. Film Star


This piece by John Latham was part of a special exhibition at the Tate Britain in 2005-2006.

4. Sunburst of books


This wall-mounted sculpture is by Colombian artist Federico Uribe.

5. The Raven

Jaron James/Su Blackwell

Paper sculptor Su Blackwell makes delicate cut-outs that appear to be rising from the center of the book.



This sculpture made from a dictionary is by artist Michael Mandiberg

7. Book ball


This sphere made out of books is in Minneapolis.

8. Paging M.C. Escher

Brian Dettmer

This sculptor carves angular pathways into books, making convoluted three-dimensional figures worthy of M.C. Escher.

9. Sunset

Cara Barer

This book is reminiscent of wild, rainbow hair.

10. Creepy-crawlies


Robert The unlocks creatures hiding inside books.

11. Color wheel


This colorful sculpture is at Kansas City Public Library.

12. Books as canvas


Artist Mike Stilkey uses acrylic paint on backdrops made out of books, including this piece on display at the Bristol Museum.

13. Flying books


This is the ceiling of a booth made out of books by Jan Reymond for the Geneva Book Fair.