5 Statues That Say "Screw You"

@Gawker / @Gawker

Nothing expresses strong feelings like a permanent art installation. We'll spare you the badly photoshopped images of the Statue of Liberty flipping the bird, but please enjoy these other irreverent images of statues that tell you where you can shove it.

1. The Angry Ex

A Michigan strip club owner made international headlines in 2013 when he bought the house next door to his ex-wife and installed an enormous bronze statue of a hand flipping the bird at her bathroom window.

2. Anti-communism

Photo courtesy of Flickr user Vsevolod Vlasenko

Czech artist David Cerny made his feelings about his governments cooperation with communists known in 2013 when he floated an enormous purple statue of a middle finger on a platform on the Vltava River facing Prague Castle, where the president has his offices.

3. Anti-capitalism

Photo courtesy Flickr user Zio Paulino

Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan placed a marble statue of a middle finger in front of the stock exchange building in Milan. Capitalism was unfazed.

4. That's no cactus

Photo courtesy of EasyLoungin.com

A commenter on a previous post about spite houses alerted us to this gem in Utah. A neighborly dispute resulted in one homeowner erecting a decorative element that he claimed was a cactus, but that looked an awful lot like a raised middle finger to his neighbor.

5. A birdie of your own

Photo courtesy of Ebay

Now you too can tell your neighbors what you think of them with this whimsical riff on the chubby garden gnome statue, available on eBay for $22.