This Will Soon Be The Longest Nonstop Flight in the World

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On the world’s longest nonstop flight, you could sleep for eight hours, watch four movies, eat three meals, read a few chapters of a book, beat 10 levels of Candy Crush, and after all that, you’d still be in the air.

By the end of 2018, travelers will be able to take this 20-hour doozy of a flight from Singapore to New York, CNN reports. The service, offered by Singapore Airlines, will beat a previous record set by Qatar Airways. The Middle Eastern airline’s flight from Auckland, New Zealand, to Doha, Qatar, covers over 9000 miles and lasts 18 hours, making it the current longest flight by both distance and duration.

Singapore Airlines used to operate the world’s longest flight from Singapore to Newark, New Jersey—a 19-hour, 9500-mile journey—but it canceled that service in 2013 because it proved to be inefficient, according to CNN.

At present, the airline’s service from Singapore to New York includes a stopover in Frankfurt or London, depending on the flight. The new service will see an improved aircraft put into operation: the Airbus A350-900ULR, short for Ultra Long-Range. It will be able to travel up to 11,160 miles—1800 more miles than the standard A350.

To go that extra distance, though, the aircraft will need to use an additional 6340 gallons of fuel. And more fuel means fewer seats. According to the Australian Business Traveller, the new aircraft is expected to have 162 seats, which is about 80 fewer than the standard A350’s capacity.

However, the airline believes it will be a better service overall. A representative of the A350’s Aircraft Interiors department says the cabin’s high ceilings, low noise levels, improved air circulation, and large windows will all make for a more comfortable flying experience. Or at least as comfortable as one can hope to be on a flight that lasts almost a whole day.

[h/t CNN]