A Pop-Up Pizza Museum Is Coming to New York City

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Though Chicagoans and Neopolitans might disagree, New York City prides considers itself the pizza capital of the world. This October, the city will welcome a whole museum dedicated to the cheesy, indulgent world of slices and pies, Eater New York reports.

The Museum of Pizza won't be a conventional museum tracing the history of the (sometimes foldable) foodstuff, but rather an “experiential pizza adventure" where every room doubles as an Instagram backdrop.

The pizza-inspired immersive zones will include a cheese cave, a pizza art gallery, and a pizza beach (what those rooms will look like in real life has yet to be revealed). The $35 ticket price gets visitors more than just an opportunity to boost their social media brand—it also includes one free slice of physical, edible pizza. The museum will also "do its best," according to the event listing, to make more pizza available to guests when the pop-up is open from October 13 to October 28, 2018.

The Museum of Pizza is the latest in a line of highly-Instagrammable food museums that have opened up in New York in recent years, the most famous of which was the Museum of Ice Cream, which featured a rainbow sprinkle pool and edible sugar balloons. There are also educational museum experiences, like Choco-Story, which focuses more on the history of the sweet stuff and less on its social media appeal.

[h/t Eater New York]