8 Snowmen We Wish We'd Built

jmricht / jmricht

1. The Moai

You are familiar with the Moai, a series of stone statues on Easter Island. They also existed, in snow form, in Waterloo, Ontario, last year. If these Moai have the rest of their bodies buried beneath ground level, as they do on Easter Island, then they may want to get up and walk to someplace a little warmer! See more pictures here

2. A New American Snowman

MrSamKing posted this snowman at reddit and said it was his first snowman after moving here from Australia. He left the carrot nose off because he was afraid bears would come and eat it. He was appropriately taunted

3. Bethel Snowwoman

Photograph by Flickr user Donald Scott.

Bethel, Maine, has a lot of snow. In 1999, the citizens of Bethel built the world's largest snowman and named him Angus for the Guinness Book. In 2008, they built a snow woman and broke their own record by nine feet! Olympia SnowWoman was 122 feet tall, and weighed 13 million pounds! To get an idea of how massive she was, her eyes were wreaths five feet wide. Her buttons and lips were tires.

4. Minions

Redditor ashwin23 posted a snow sculpture of the Minions from the film Despicable Me that his cousin built last winter. The addition of a bit of coloring makes it stand out -just mix food coloring and water and spray it lightly.

5. Emerging Monster

This snow sculpture was built at Wadsworth Hall at Michigan Tech University as part of their Winter Carnival in 2006. It was based on a classic Calvin and Hobbes creation

6. Snoo Man

Instant karma for redditor Mmodeman, who built a snow sculpture of Snoo, the reddit alien mascot. Not only is the alien already the right color, but it makes a good pun title.

7. Two with Teeth

This snow sculpture from an unknown location cannot be precisely pegged, except as nightmare fuel. Commenters suggested it might be:

The Flukeman from The X-Files
The Snowmonster from The Regular Show
A Taxxon from Animorphs
A Shambler from Quake
The Leviathan from Gears of War 2

Or, you know, it might just be an original sculpture.

8. Snowman Slide

For sheer fun, you can't beat this snowman built by Ricky Reich. It's not just a snowman, but contains a set of stairs and a loopy snow slide back to the bottom! Eighty hours of shoveling snow paid off big time as he gained the title of "World's Best Dad."

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