17 Slogans on Town Welcome Signs You Won't See Anywhere Else

Eaton Rapids
Eaton Rapids / Eaton Rapids

In the land of the road trip, the marking of town borders becomes a matter of town pride. Towns like to welcome visitors, who may only be passing through, with announcements about their history (Vincennes, IN: "Indiana's First City"), industry (Leominster, MA: "Pioneer Plastics City"), geography (Pittsville, WI: "The Exact Center of Wisconsin"), or positive attitudes (Happy, TX: "The Town Without a Frown"). Here are 17 town signs that don't quite fit the mold.

1. Eaton Rapids, MI

"Welcome to the only Eaton Rapids on Earth."

2. Readlyn, IA

Word of Jeff

"857 friendly people and one old grump"

3. Abbeville, GA

"Keep it in mind!"

4. Old Concord, PA

Wikimedia Commons

"Originally Concord"

5. Heppner, OR

"Gateway to the Blues"

6. Earth, TX

Gerald Thurman/Road Trip America

"Welcome to Earth, Est. 1924"

7. Santa Claus, GA

"The city that loves children"

8. Hartville, WY

"Wyoming's oldest incorporated town that is still in existence"

9. Belgium, WI

"Home of Luxembourgers"

10. Kermit, WV

"Striving to be the state's cleanest town"

11. Gravity, IA

Des Moines Register

"We're down to earth. If Gravity goes, we all go."

12. Gettysburg, SD


"Where the battle wasn't"

13. Boyd, WI

Moose Adventures

"The friendly town – why go by?"

14. Washta, IA

Desmoines Register

"The coldest spot in Iowa"

15. Cherryfield, ME

Signs of Maine

"The blueberry capital of the world."

16. Nevada, IA

Wikimedia Commons

"26th best small town in America"

17. Hyder, AK

Silly America

"The friendliest ghost town in Alaska"