Please Touch: This Trippy Installation Lets You Walk All Over Art

Refinery29 / Refinery29

Art galleries, with their ubiquitous “do not touch” signs, can have a reputation for being a little stuffy. A few creative exhibits are breaking the mold, though, with some encouraging visitors to touch—gasp!—and even walk all over the art.

The pop-up exhibit 29Rooms is a little like a “massive funhouse for adults,” as TimeOut puts it. Organized by media and entertainment company Refinery29, the installation features individual rooms or spaces, each with a unique interactive theme. Visitors can sit on a hand-shaped swing-set, step inside oversized cages, snap selfies in front of psychedelic patterned walls, and walk across an enormous typewriter installation.


The exhibit, which launched in 2015 and previously appeared in New York and Los Angeles, will be on view in San Francisco in June, but tickets have already sold out. From there, it will head to Chicago, where it will set up shop at 1522 Hubbard Street in West Town from July 26 to 29. You can buy tickets to the exhibit here.

The overall theme of the installation, “Turn It Into Art,” encourages guests to get creative and take a hands-on approach to each of the 29 spaces. Some of the installations were curated by celebrities, including Demi Lovato, Margot Robbie, Janelle Monáe, and Jake Gyllenhaal.

Check out TimeOut's video below to see a few of the 29 spaces as they appeared in Los Angeles.

[h/t TimeOut]