Balenciaga's $1290 'T-Shirt Shirt' Is Confusing the Internet

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Sometimes less is more—but not if you’re Balenciaga. In case you missed it, the high-end fashion brand has been raising eyebrows ever since the internet discovered its “T-shirt shirt.”

It’s essentially a long-sleeve, button-down shirt attached to a T-shirt, and it could be yours for a cool $1290, according to Fortune. Balenciaga points out that the shirt can be worn two ways—with the “drape effect” of the unworn shirt hanging in either the front or the back—so really you’re only paying $645 per shirt. What a steal!

This versatile look is part of the brand’s Fall 2018 collection, and it isn’t the first time Balenciaga’s unconventional designs have attracted attention. Other head-turning pieces that have come from the Spanish fashion house include a pair of bubblegum pink platform Crocs, a $2145 version of IKEA's $1 tote bag, and a skirt designed to look like a mat you’d find on the floor of your car.

As Mashable noted, the brand doesn’t shy away from designs that some shoppers might consider ugly. "I think it’s very interesting, the definition of ugly," Balenciaga creative director Demna Gvasalia told Vogue in 2017. "I think it’s also very interesting to find this line where ugly becomes beautiful or where beautiful becomes ugly.”

One Twitter user got the last laugh, though, when he made his own knockoff version of the T-shirt shirt.

[h/t Fortune]