11 Non-Rose Flower Bouquets For Valentine’s Day

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Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Skip the red roses and try these unusual flower arrangements instead.

1. Holly and Tarragon

John Chofee / Sharon M Leon

If you really want to surprise your significant other—and have a ring in mind—try a batch of holly, which means you’re offering your beau a lifetime of domestic happiness, and mix it in with some tarragon—this means you have a lasting interest, and you’re sure to impress.

2. Tuberose

Carolyn Jewel

If you want to be passionate without that special someone thinking you’re head over heels in love, be sure to send over a fresh bouquet of tuberose, which signifies that you’re down for some pleasure.

3. Striped Flowers

Renee Silverman

If you’re getting paired up with your friend’s ugly cousin or acting as wingman or woman for your roomie, be sly and classy and show up with a bouquet of striped flowers, which means “thanks, but no thanks.”

4. Amaryllis

Dwight Sipler

Have a drama queen on your hands and you’re just not sure you want to continue the relationship? Gather up a batch of Amaryllis and tie it together with a black bow for what is sure to spell out “dramatic.”

5. Yarrow

John Flanery

What happens if your love is in the hospital or gets the flu on the most romantic day of the year? OK, you should probably him/her some roses, but mix in a few yarrow flowers, which signify good health as well.

6. Cumin and Passion Flowers

Herbolario Allium / Andre Zehetbauer

You and your partner have been embracing the free love spirit of the '60s, but now you're finally ready to commit. Let that person know with a bouquet of cumin and passion flowers, which means you’re not only passionate about that person, but ready to stay faithful.

7. Nasturtium and Thyme

Catie K / Klearchos-kapoutsis

For the patriot in your life, send a bundle of nasturtium flowers along with some ginger to show you are proud of him/her. Make sure to add a dash of thyme, which means courageous and full of strength.

8. Tansy


Someone dump you on Valentine’s Day? Send the jerk a nice batch of tansy, a less psychotic way to show you are having hostile thoughts than a voodoo doll filled with pins.

9. Dill and Stephanotis

Emilian Robert Vicol

Help ward off that dark cloud following your loved one with a batch of dill that’s powerful against evil. Add some good luck-bringing stephanotis flowers for good measure.

10. Lavendar


Has your significant other been running around on you and he/she doesn’t know you know yet? Surprise your double-crosser with a lonely vase of lavender outside their front door, which should fill the guilty party in on your distrust (and perhaps a link to this article so they can figure it out).

11. Heliotrope and Violets

Les Serres Fortier / ThinkStock

And if on the day of romance your heart is filled with magical love and desire, let your heart be known with a giant bouquet of heliotrope and violets, which signify your eternal love and fidelity.

Meanings compiled from the Society of American Florists and the Old Farmer’s Almanac online.