Invader’s New Street Art Brings ‘The Dude’ Back to Los Angeles

Gramercy Pictures
Gramercy Pictures / Gramercy Pictures

It’s been 20 years since The Big Lebowski debuted, but The Dude still abides. Most recently, he’s been spotted at a Los Angeles bowling alley in pixelated format—the handiwork of French street artist Invader, according to Artnet.

"His Dudeness" (a reference to the film’s main character, Jeffrey Lebowski, played by actor Jeff Bridges) is one of the 29 new mosaics that Invader unveiled in Los Angeles. One piece depicting an alien from the video game Space Invaders—the artist’s signature symbol—is part of the ongoing street art exhibition “Beyond the Streets.” The rest were scattered throughout the city's streets, left for passersby to discover.

Invader’s rendering of The Dude is more detailed than many of the artist’s earlier works. Bowling is a central theme in The Big Lebowski, and the mosaic was fittingly installed outside the Shatto 39 Lanes bowling alley near Koreatown. The Dude is seen wearing his usual robe, V-neck tee, and sandals, but instead of his preferred White Russian he’s holding a cocktail glass.

Other Invader works spotted throughout the city include a toy soldier, a maneki-neko “beckoning cat,” a ghost, and several invader aliens, including one adorning a post holding up the Hollywood sign.

According to Artnet, this was Invader’s first public installation since he came under fire in February for tagging sacred temples and monasteries in the Buddhist kingdom of Bhutan. The government removed the mosaics, including one of a levitating monk, in response to complaints.

Invader, whose identity is not publicly known, defended his decision, saying, “My practice tells a story, and I don’t know why I should deprive Bhutan from this story.”

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