MoviePass Is Trying to Reinstate Lapsed Subscribers—Whether They Like It Or Not


Just because you opted to cancel your MoviePass account when the company raised its prices recently doesn't mean the company is done with you. The beleaguered movie ticket subscription service seems to be restarting the memberships of customers who have already canceled or let their subscriptions lapse, according to Lifehacker and Business Insider.

Some former MoviePass users recently received emails (innocuously titled "MoviePass Updates") alerting them that their accounts would be reinstated unless they opted out by October 4. If the company didn't hear from them by then, MoviePass would automatically enroll them in its new $9.95, three-movie-a-month plan, effective October 5, according to the email. It was pitched as a “test group” designed to woo back subscribers who left the service when it began changing its terms over the last few months (including introducing surge pricing, reducing the number of movies users could see, and restricting the available showtimes).

This test program, the email says, would offer users up to one movie a day of its “existing inventory” for $9.95—essentially the same deal users were getting before the company fell into disarray a few months ago. If customers choose not to opt out, MoviePass says it will reinstate users’ subscriptions and will begin charging the credit card associated with their account on October 5.

The email went out to both users who had actively canceled their plans in the past and ones who simply decided not to opt in when the company announced changes to its subscription options in August. In a statement to Business Insider, MoviePass blamed this on a computer glitch.

"There are a small number of people whose accounts have had conflicting status—whether they opted out and then back in again or their cancellation didn't complete. In case this was the result of a glitch in the system or an incomplete cancellation, we put anyone whose account status was unclear into a suspended status and did not charge them. And we have now included them in what we think is a terrific one-time promotional offer."

To make matters worse, it appears that some customers got two versions of the email in short order: one offering them three movies a month for $7.95, followed a few days later by an offer for the $9.95 unlimited plan. The company clarified in messages to users that it meant to send out the $9.95 unlimited offer, and to disregard the first email pitching the $7.95 plan.

MoviePass has gone through numerous changes (and changes to those changes) in the past several months, much to the chagrin of its customers. According to one poll, up to half of MoviePass subscribers considered quitting the service in response, though it’s unclear how many followed through on that urge. It’s no surprise that the company is desperately trying to woo back customers—but automatically re-enrolling individuals who already actively quit the service probably isn’t the best way to win them over.

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This Innovative Cutting Board Takes the Mess Out of Meal Prep

There's no way any of these ingredients will end up on the floor.
There's no way any of these ingredients will end up on the floor.
TidyBoard, Kickstarter

Transferring food from the cutting board to the bowl—or scraps to the compost bin—can get a little messy, especially if you’re dealing with something that has a tendency to roll off the board, spill juice everywhere, or both (looking at you, cherry tomatoes).

The TidyBoard, available on Kickstarter, is a cutting board with attached containers that you can sweep your ingredients right into, taking the mess out of meal prep and saving you some counter space in the process. The board itself is 15 inches by 20 inches, and the container that fits in its empty slot is 14 inches long, 5.75 inches wide, and more than 4 inches deep. Two smaller containers fit inside the large one, making it easy to separate your ingredients.

Though the 4-pound board hangs off the edge of your counter, good old-fashioned physics will keep it from tipping off—as long as whatever you’re piling into the containers doesn’t exceed 9 pounds. It also comes with a second set of containers that work as strainers, so you can position the TidyBoard over the edge of your sink and drain excess water or juice from your ingredients as you go.

You can store food in the smaller containers, which have matching lids; and since they’re all made of BPA-free silicone, feel free to pop them in the microwave. (Remove the small stopper on top of the lid first for a built-in steaming hole.)

tidyboard storage containers
They also come in gray, if teal isn't your thing.

Not only does the bamboo-made TidyBoard repel bacteria, it also won’t dull your knives or let strong odors seep into it. In short, it’s an opportunity to make cutting, cleaning, storing, and eating all easier, neater, and more efficient. Prices start at $79, and it’s expected to ship by October 2020—you can find out more details and order yours on Kickstarter.

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The Writers of Avengers: Endgame Explain Why Captain America Wasn't Able to Lift Thor's Hammer

Chris Evans as Captain America.
Chris Evans as Captain America.
Marvel Studios

One of the best moments of Avengers: Endgame came when Captain America, played by Chris Evans, was worthy enough to lift Thor's hammer during the final fight with Thanos. Steve Rogers/Captain America's journey in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been one of the most interesting to watch, and seeing him lift Thor's hammer was a stunning conclusion to his arc. However, the moment left some fans wondering why Steve wasn't able to wield the weapon in prior battles. recently hosted a quarantine watch party of Avengers: Endgame, where the film's writers, Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, were asked why Steve didn't lift the hammer during the Avengers Tower party scene in Avengers: Age of Ultron. According to Markus, it had to do with Cap's best friend Bucky, a.k.a. the Winter Soldier. Markus said Cap couldn't lift the hammer because he knew the Winter Soldier had killed Tony Stark's parents. However, this information doesn't come to light until Captain America: Civil War, so Steve might have been burdened with the secret, making him unworthy to lift the hammer.

There have been other opinions on why Steve didn't life the hammer until Endgame. As reported, Marvel Studios executive Louis D'Esposito has his own view on the matter.

"If you remember from Ultron, they were all sitting around in the Avengers complex in Manhattan, and there's a party, and they're all a bit inebriated, and they're loose, and they're having fun, and they're all trying to pick up the hammer," D'Esposito said. "It's Captain America's turn to try, and you look over to Thor's face, and he says, 'I think he might be able to do it,' but Cap doesn't pick it up. But Cap could've always picked it up. He didn't want to at that point because it would've not been right."

No matter the reasoning, watching Cap lift Thor's hammer was incredibly satisfying. Rewatch Avengers: Endgame, along with tons of other fun titles, with a subscription to Disney+ here.


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