Jodie Whittaker Inspires First-Ever Doctor Who Barbie Doll

BBC & Mattel
BBC & Mattel / BBC & Mattel

More than a year after it was announced that Jodie Whittaker would become the first woman to take the lead on Doctor Who, the 36-year-old actress finally made her debut on Sunday to record-breaking ratings. It was a big moment for the BBC’s iconic sci-fi series, which has recast the lead role a total of 13 times over the past 55 years—each time with a white man until Whittaker’s Thirteenth Doctor. To celebrate the moment, BBC Studios and Mattel have teamed up to released a Doctor Who Barbie doll (yet another first in the franchise’s history).

The limited-edition doll bears an impressive resemblance to Whittaker, and sports her now-standard rainbow-striped T-shirt, suspenders, cropped trousers, trench coat, and lace-up boots. She’s even carrying her new take on the sonic screwdriver, a.k.a. a Swiss army sonic.

“Given Barbie’s celebration of women who have made history, as well as iconic characters from some of the best loved movies and shows, we felt it was a great opportunity to work with Mattel to create a doll based on the Thirteenth Doctor,” BBC Studios’ creative director David Wilson Nunn said in a statement. But you’d better act quick, as the doll is being produced in limited quantities and is sure to sell out quickly.

U.S.-based customers can order the doll, which costs $50, from Hot Topic, while UK Whovians can grab theirs from Forbidden Planet.