David Harbour Agrees to Officiate Fan's Wedding as Hellboy—Under One Condition

Summit Entertainment
Summit Entertainment / Summit Entertainment

Despite the artificiality of Hollywood, ​David Harbour does seem to have a legitimate passion for making people happy by adding his celebrity status to the happiest days of their lives. Just last month, he was the officiant for a fan's wedding and even did it as his Stranger Things character Chief Jim Hopper.

All he asked for in return was 125,000 retweets, time to make his schedule work around it, first dibs on the wedding cake, and that he be allowed to read a love letter of his choosing at the ceremony. And now, it looks like he might be making a repeat performance—though this time as Hellboy.

Another couple has appealed to Harbour on Twitter to officiate their union and ​Harbour, while willing, has one condition.

Though such a high number of retweets seems to be almost impossible to reach, Harbour jokingly points out that it'll be hard for a half-demon paranormal detective to get ordained. But in fairness, Harbour is offering full Hellboy regalia here, presumably bare-chested with his signature leather trench coat, combat pants and boots, scraggly hair, red skin, and shorn-down horn prosthetics.

With their wedding not until March, the happy couple might just pull this one off.