Not only is The Office hilarious no matter how many times you binge-watch it, but re-watching the series can actually unearth all sorts of fun jokes and Easter eggs you never noticed the first time around.

As ​Mashable reports, one fan took to Reddit to share their recent discovery—and it does not disappoint. The user pointed out how in "Garage Sale," the 19th episode of season seven, Michael Scott put an item up for sale that viewers were already very familiar with.

In the episode, the office and the warehouse workers get together to have a garage sale, in which ​Michael attempts to sell his beloved plasma TV from "Dinner Party," the classic season four episode. And yes, it's still smashed from Jan throwing a Dundie award at it.

If you don't remember the episode, it's when Jan and Michael host a dinner party for Jim, Pam, Andy, and Angela. Apart from Dwight and his childhood babysitter crashing, a major fight breaks out between Jan and Michael, which leads to Jan throwing a Dundie at the TV—an item Michael is very proud to own.

We're 99.9 percent sure there were no takers for Michael's shattered appliance at the garage sale, but we're so happy The Office writers decided to bring it back—even if it took years for anyone to notice.