Netflix Is Testing Cheaper, Mobile-Only Subscriptions in Some Markets

If you only watch Netflix on your phone, you might benefit from a cheaper, mobile-only subscription. That could someday be an option, if recent reports are anything to go by. A Netflix spokesperson told TheStreet that a mobile-only plan is being tested in some countries in order to gauge consumer interest.

“Generally, we try out lots of new ideas at any given time, and they can vary in how long they last and who sees them,” the spokesperson told TheStreet in an email. “We may not ever roll out the features or elements included in a test."

Netflix is keeping tight-lipped about the details, but Malaysia appears to be one of the countries where mobile subscriptions are being offered. Malaysian media outlet The Star reported that mobile subscriptions were being advertised for about $4 a month. For comparison, a standard subscription in Malaysia costs about $10, or $1 less than a standard subscription in the U.S. However, for the mobile-only deal, streaming is only available in standard definition (SD), not high definition (HD).

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said the offer of lower-priced subscriptions is part of the company’s push to attract new subscribers. Don’t get your hopes up for a cheaper option just yet, though. Wall Street investment banking firm Piper Jaffray predicts Netflix will actually raise prices in many of its markets next year, and that's likely to include the U.S. According to a study the firm conducted, a majority of Netflix subscribers in the U.S. would be willing to pay at least 40 percent more for the service.

The streaming platform now has more than 137 million subscribers around the world, and much of its original content has been well-received. However, it comes at a cost, with some analysts speculating that Netflix could end up spending $13 billion on content by the end of 2018.

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The New Apple Watch SE Is Now Available on Amazon


Apple products are notorious for their high price tags. From AirPods to iPads to MacBooks, it can be difficult to find the perfect piece of tech on sale when you are ready to buy. Luckily, for those who have had their eye on a new Apple Watch, the Apple Watch SE is designed with all the features users want but at a lower starting price of $279— and they're available on Amazon right now.

The SE exists as a more affordable option when compared to Apple's new Series 6 line of watches. This less expensive version has many of the same functions of its pricier brethren, except for certain features like the blood oxygen sensor and electrical heart sensor. To make up for the truncated bells and whistles, the SE comes in at least $120 cheaper than the Series 6, which starts at $400 and goes up to $800. The SE comes with technical improvements on previous models as well, such as the fall detection, a faster processor, a larger screen, water resistance, and more.

Now available in 40mm ($279) and 44mm ($309), both SE models offer a variety of colors to choose from, such as sliver, space gray, and pink. If you want cellular connection, you’ll have to pay a bit more for the 40mm ($329) and the 44mm ($359).

For more, head to Amazon to see the full list of offerings from Apple.

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Celebrate the Holidays With the 2020 Harry Potter Funko Pop Advent Calendar


Though the main book series and movie franchise are long over, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter remains in the spotlight as one of the most popular properties in pop-culture. The folks at Funko definitely know this, and every year the company releases a new Advent calendar based on the popular series so fans can count down to the holidays with their favorite characters.

Right now, you can pre-order the 2020 edition of Funko's popular Harry Potter Advent calendar, and if you do it through Amazon, you'll even get it on sale for 33 percent off, bringing the price down from $60 to just $40.

Funko Pop!/Amazon

Over the course of the holiday season, the Advent calendar allows you to count down the days until Christmas, starting on December 1, by opening one of the tiny, numbered doors on the appropriate day. Each door is filled with a surprise Pocket Pop! figurine—but outside of the trio of Harry, Hermione, and Ron, the company isn't revealing who you'll be getting just yet.

Calendars will start shipping on October 15, but if you want a head start, go to Amazon to pre-order yours at a discount.

This article contains affiliate links to products selected by our editors. Mental Floss may receive a commission for purchases made through these links.