Freezy Freakies Are Now Available in Both Adult and Child Sizes for the First Time

Kim Butan
Kim Butan / Kim Butan

Want to acquaint the kids in your life with '80s culture? You're in luck. Freezy Freakies gloves now come in kids' sizes, so you can snag a pair for them this holiday season—and maybe one or two for yourself, for the sake of nostalgia.

In case you're unfamiliar with this cultural phenomenon, Freezy Freakies are thick winter gloves with hidden designs that emerge when the temperature dips below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. They were huge in the 1980s, particularly in the frigid northeastern states. The maker of these "high-tech" gloves, Swany America Corporation, created more than 30 original designs and sold as many as 300,000 pairs per year throughout the '80s.

Freezy Freakies

A pair of original Freezy Freakies tends to sell for $20-$45 on eBay, but thanks to the brand's relaunch in 2015, you can get yourself a brand new set for $29. The rebooted gloves were only available in adult sizes until this month. Now, they come in three kids' sizes: small, for ages 6-8; medium, for ages 8-10; and large for ages 10-12 (plus anyone else whose hands are too small for the adult sizes).

Sure, your kids might not grasp their nostalgic appeal, but they'll love watching the designs magically appear on their hands when they head outside for a snowball fight or game of tag. One of the newest designs for winter shows cheerleaders in red and blue uniforms, and their pom poms only appear when exposed to the cold. The gloves and mittens use color-changing ink to achieve this effect, and they're also water-resistant and lined with microfleece and thermal insulation to keep your hands warm and snuggly.

Some of the other retro-inspired designs include a unicorn, skier, robot, fighter jet, and "I Love Snow" design. "Parents will probably want matching ones for their kids," Bruce Weinberg, Swany’s vice president, told Mental Floss earlier this year.

Freezy Freakies