Brewery in England Turns Defective Kellogg's Corn Flakes Into Craft Beer /

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. But when life gives you defective corn flakes, you make beer. At least that’s what one brewery in England is doing, Food & Wine reports.

A Kellogg’s factory in Manchester is working with the nearby Seven Bro7hers Brewery in Salford to turn “ugly” corn flakes into an IPA beer. It uses corn flakes that didn’t meet Kellogg’s quality standards because they are too big, too small, or overcooked. Each batch of beer uses about 130 pounds of the “upcycled” flakes

The result is the Throw Away IPA, which will be sold in cans and on draft. The Craft Ales of Manchester Twitter account described the taste as “very strange”—but in a good way. “Definitely corny taste, slightly metallic initially until your taste buds catch up and you get the Kellogg’s crunch!” they wrote.

It’s also a win for Kellogg’s, which has been exploring sustainable food initiatives. "Kellogg's is working hard to eliminate food waste in our manufacturing processes and give our consumers the wholesome products they love with minimum impact on the planet,” Kellogg’s UK Corporate Social Responsibility Manager Kate Prince said. “Our approach has delivered a 12.5 percent reduction on food waste in our UK sites this year."

Meanwhile, the Hallertau Brewery in Auckland, New Zealand, has also joined forces with Kellogg’s to create a beer inspired by Crunchy Nut cereal. According to Beverage Daily, the beer's key ingredients include local kiwi fruit, peanuts, lactose, and honey. Now if only we could get a Froot Loops beer …

[h/t Food & Wine]