How to Make Money by Getting Bumped From Your Flight

In most cases, being turned away from an overbooked flight is the last thing you want to deal with while traveling. If you aren’t in any rush to get where you’re going, though, it’s a circumstance that could end up being quite profitable. As Forbes writer Laura Begley Bloom points out, you can make thousands of dollars in compensation fees—plus perks—by getting bumped from certain flights.

Begley Bloom received $11,000 from Delta Airlines after she and her family were booted from their flights during the 2017 spring break travel season, and other travelers have reported receiving similar payouts. Delta reportedly pays up to $9950 to passengers who have been asked to take later flights, and United dishes out up to $10,000.

Unfortunately, there is no surefire way of predicting whether a flight will be overbooked, but there are a few factors that improve your chances of scoring a nice compensation package. First, consider flying at busy times (like Monday mornings and Friday nights) and during busy travel seasons (like holidays and college breaks). You should also try to buy seats on flights that are nearly full, because these are far more likely to be overbooked.

Which airline you fly with is another important factor. According to a 2017 analysis from, at least as far as the major airlines are concerned, Delta is the company most likely to pay passengers who volunteer to take a later flight. Regional airlines like ExpressJet and SkyWest have even higher bump rates, though. Meanwhile, Hawaiian and JetBlue are the airlines least likely to overbook flights.

Just be sure to be at your gate early, or you could lose your right to compensation. And don’t hesitate to ask an airline agent whether they're overbooked and looking for volunteers to take another flight.

If you do manage to game the system and get bumped from a flight, Begley Bloom recommends demanding cash instead of gift cards and vouchers, which often expire or carry a lower value. By law, passengers are entitled to cash payouts if they turn down vouchers. She also suggests passing on the airline’s first offer—as long as they still need volunteers, they’ll typically increase the payout—and always ask for additional perks, like food vouchers, taxi fare, and upgrades. If you're lucky, you could end up significantly upgrading your vacation on the airline's dime.

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Scotland Could Become the First Country to Provide Universal Period Products to Citizens

emapoket, iStock via Getty Images
emapoket, iStock via Getty Images

Fears over where to find—and how to afford—sanitary products before their next menstrual cycle may no longer be an issue for people in Scotland. Earlier today, as the BBC reports, Members of Scottish Parliament passed the first part of a bill that would make items like pads and tampons free to the public.

The Period Products Bill was first put forth in 2017 to address period poverty, which affects people who are unable to afford essential menstrual hygiene products. Pads, tampons, and some reusable menstrual items are currently available to students in primary schools and universities in the country. The Scottish government has also expanded the program to include additional public places and sports clubs, but this new bill goes even further. If passed, Scotland would become the first country to provide free period products to citizens on a universal scale.

Ministers in the Scottish Parliament were initially concerned about the bill's £24 million ($31 million) annual price tag, but earlier this month, members of all parties in the government came out in support of the legislation. Though the bill passed through the first stage of parliament today, February 25, the BBC wrote that "The government is expected to put forward a raft of amendments to address their 'significant' concerns about the legislation," including the aforementioned cost.

Period poverty is an issue that's felt around the world. In America, many lawmakers are fighting to end the "tampon tax": a sales tax that's added to sanitary products and waived from other hygiene products deemed essential in many states, like dandruff shampoo.

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10 Simple Tricks for Charging Your Smartphone Faster

Makidotvn, iStock via Getty Images
Makidotvn, iStock via Getty Images

Smartphones always seem to reach low power at the least convenient moments possible. If you've ever urged your device to charge faster in the minutes before a phone interview or when you're about to board a plane, you can relate. While the easiest way to avoid this scenario is to plug in your device before the battery dips into the danger zone, if you've already reached this point, there are simple ways to speed up the charging process.

Some hacks for charging a phone faster involve steps you can take in anticipation of the next time you're surviving on minimum energy. Certain gadgets, like special chargers and battery packs, will power-up your device more efficiently than others. For moments when your phone is dying and all you have is your regular charging cable, adjusting your phone's settings to minimize the power it consumes also works in a pinch.

You can find some specific ways to charge your phone quickly below: 

  1. Plug it into a wall outlet instead of a USB port.
  1. Use a portable battery pack.
  1. Buy a special "fast" phone charger.
  1. Switch to low power mode.
  1. Switch to airplane mode.
  1. Let your phone drain completely on its own once a month to the extend the battery life.
  1. Close any background apps.
  1. Stop automatic app updates.
  1. Don't check your phone while it's charging
  1. Keep your phone out of the heat.

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