10 Kid Inventions Designed to Make the World a Better Place

Courtesy of The UK Domain
Courtesy of The UK Domain / Courtesy of The UK Domain

What do you get when you ask children to come up with inventions that would make the world a better place? Some pretty imaginative ideas, as The UK Domain found out. The online resource asked 10 children in the UK and Australia to draw pictures of their planet-improving innovations, and all we can say is, let's get these kids some patents pronto.

One of the ideas, courtesy of 6-year-old Tyler, is a Tree Rocket that's capable of transporting passengers across the planet in one second. It's presumably eco-friendly and looks more enjoyable than flights on most commercial airliners. It even comes with a window up top "for optimal viewing experiences," The UK Domain notes in the below infographic, which shows the kids' original drawings alongside illustrated reinterpretations of their inventions.

Five-year-old Hannah came up with The Rubbish Eater, which turns trash into trees. In a similar vein, 9-year-old Daisy's invention, dubbed Olly the Ocean Organizer, uses sensors to search the high seas for trash. She writes that the machine will have solar-powered propellers, as well as "eyes to see if there is any fish not to hurt them." Considering the current push to reduce global waste and introduce sustainable new technologies, these are both astute and timely inventions.

A few benevolent bots have also been proposed. Nine-year-old Lily came up with Cody the Carer, an android that takes care of the elderly. He has human senses like smell (to warn the elderly about fires), as well as waterproof hands (for doing the dishes, of course). Adorably, he also has a "mouth that talks to the old person and stops them from being lonely," Lily writes.

Check out all 10 of the kids' inventions in the infographic below, or on The UK Domain's website.

Future Founders by The UK Domain