Can You Spot the Keyboard Hiding Among the Zebras?

Holiday Gems
Holiday Gems / Holiday Gems

What's black and white, striped, and driving the internet crazy? This latest hidden-picture puzzle from Holiday Gems. Part of a keyboard—the musical instrument, not the tool you use to type, mind you—is hiding among a zeal of zebras. (And yes, that's an acceptable collective noun for a group of zebras.) Can you manage to find the hidden image?

According to the UK-based holiday booking site, it takes the average person over one minute to find the keyboard, and the record stands at 58 seconds. The key to creating a really perplexing puzzle is using patterns that trick the brain. One popular optical illusion, for example, uses red, green, and black lines to induce something called the McCollough effect. If you stare long enough, it can actually affect your vision for days or even months at a time.

This zebra puzzle won't have you seeing stripes, but the repetition of the pattern does overwhelm the senses and make it difficult to find the hidden object. When you give up staring at the image above, scroll down to find out where the keyboard is concealed.


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