16 Twitter Accounts for Word Nerds

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Even logophiles can improve their vocabularies by following these Twitter accounts.

1. DARE Words

It was hard to pick just one tweet from the Dictionary of American Regional Slang's delightful feed, but here's the one that came out on top:

2. Haggard Hawks Words

This Twitter account is bringing old words back. Use them to spice up your vocabulary!

3. A Word A Day

Unusual words and their origins from the people at Wordsmith.org.

4. Ben Zimmer

You'll learn a lot by following this Wall Street Journal columnist and linguist.

5. Wordnik

Jason English, MentalFloss.com's fearless leader, is a fan of this Twitter feed.

6. Grammar YUNiversity

We love these emoji-laden tweets (which you might only be able to see while on Twitter):

7. PowerVocabTweet

UPDATE: As a commenter pointed out, these words are randomly generated. But they're still fun and as "fiercely plausible" as the tagline claims.

8. OED

If you love words, you kind of have to follow the OED.

9. Mitch Fraas

Our staff writer Hannah Keyser recommends following Fraas, curator at Kislak Center for Rare Books, Manuscripts and Special Collections at UPenn, for a healthy helping of rare book knowledge with some word stuff thrown in.

10. American Dialect Society

If you want to know what's going on with the English language in North America, this is the Twitter feed for you.

11. VocabularyCom

Our resident linguist Arika Okrent loves this feed.

12. GrammarGirl

Not just words, but the right way to use them!

13. Klingon Word of the Day

Just don't ask me how to pronounce any of it.

14. Language Bandit

Language facts!

15. Bryan A. Garner

Our deputy editor Nick Greene recommends following Garner, the editor in chief of Black's Law Dictionary and author of Garner's Modern American Usage.

16. WordSpy

Want the definition of words like toebestity, attention minute, and hellstew? Look no further than this guide to new words.

What are some of your favorite word-related Twitter accounts? Let us know in the comments!