Dr. Ruth and Mr. Peanut Answer Your Burning Questions About Love and Sex This Valentine's Day

Planters / Planters

Do you have burning questions about love, intimacy, and relationships? A top hat-wearing peanut and a 90-year-old sex therapist want to give you some life advice this Valentine’s Day. In an unlikely collaboration, Dr. Ruth Westheimer has teamed up with Planters’s Mr. Peanut to offer a “crunchtime” hotline in the days leading up to the holiday.

Those who are familiar with Dr. Ruth’s past radio and television shows can expect to see her address similar themes and topics. This time, though, she’ll be targeting a younger audience. There are two ways to participate: by tweeting your question to Mr. Peanut (@MrPeanut) and using the #AskDrRuth hashtag, or by leaving a voice message at 844-4-DR-RUTH.

Dr. Ruth will personally be responding to tweets (yes, she’s on Twitter) and calling back people who leave messages. Some of her answers will also appear in a video that’s expected to come out next Tuesday.

A promotional video posted to Twitter provides a few sample questions, like “What’s a good last minute gift?” and “What do I say on Valentine’s Day if I’m bad at being romantic?”

Although these questions are pretty PG-rated, sex talk isn’t off-limits. One Twitter user got the ball rolling by asking how she could spice things up in the bedroom. Mr. Peanut replied, “Something tells me Dr. Ruth will know just what to do here. I’ll send this her way!”

Several other people wanted to know which foods are aphrodisiacs (in case you don’t want to wait for an answer, ginseng and saffron have been found to improve sexual functioning).

The hotline comes on the heels of Dr. Ruth’s announcement that she’s updating her Sex for Dummies book for Millennial readers. Expect to see the new edition, as well as a new Hulu documentary about her life and work, released sometime this year.