Car Shopping? This 1991 Toyota Crown Hearse Can Be Yours for Less Than $20,000

MotoeXotica Classic Cars
MotoeXotica Classic Cars / MotoeXotica Classic Cars
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If you're in the market for a new car and have slightly morbid tastes, then eBay has just the vehicle for you. A 1991 Toyota Crown hearse is up for sale, and it could be yours for a cool $19,750—or your best offer. The Crown sedan, spotted by Popular Mechanics, was converted into a hearse and imported from Japan to the U.S., where a seller in St. Louis hopes to find a macabre motorist to take it home.

Maybe you want an over-the-top prop for your next Halloween party. Maybe you want to live out your GTA fantasies (that's Grand Theft Auto, the game that lets players drive a hearse around while destroying everything in their path). Or maybe you just want people to get out of your way while you're driving. Whatever your motivation may be, the all-black exterior, blue interior, and handcrafted details lend this car its killer style.

"Finished in black (what else?), this hearse's paint and trim are in very good order overall, with minor blemishes visible upon close inspection," the seller, MotoeXotica Classic Cars, writes in its description of the hearse. "The handmade craftsmanship on this unique vehicle is exceptional."

MotoeXotica Classic Cars
MotoeXotica Classic Cars

The wooden components, tooled metal detailing, and copper roof were all done by hand. Plus, this ride is street legal and fully functional for, uh, funerary purposes.

If you're thinking of buying it, though, Popular Mechanics has one practical suggestion for a not-so-practical purchase: "It's worth mentioning the rear suspension seems a bit overwhelmed by all that extra weight. We'd probably try to beef up the springs and dampers to even everything out." Happy driving.

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