These Are America’s 10 Best Beaches

Driftwood Beach on Georgia's Jekyll Island
Driftwood Beach on Georgia's Jekyll Island

Sorry California, but Laguna, Newport, and Huntington aren’t at the top of sun-seekers’ bucket lists. Most of America’s best white-sand, clear-water beaches are on the East Coast—at least if we take TripAdvisor users at their word.

TripAdvisor’s “Travelers’ Choice” destinations are chosen based on users' reviews and ratings over the course of a year. Those selections then get broken down into categories, like best resorts, best museums, best experiences, and of course, best beaches.

As Naples Daily News reports, 40 percent of America’s 25 best beaches are in Florida. This includes Clearwater Beach, which claimed the number one spot for the second year in a row. Of the top 10 beaches, seven are in Florida, two are in Hawaii, and one is in Georgia.

Most of the beaches are tourist hotspots, so expect varying degrees of crowds, depending on the season. Driftwood Beach on Georgia’s Jekyll Island is a bit of an outlier, considering that it’s not ideal for sunbathing. However, its landscape of twisted, fallen trees—caused by erosion on one end of the island—makes it a unique place to explore and photograph, especially at sunset.

Scroll down to see the top 10 beaches in the U.S., and check out TripAdvisor’s site to see the full list of the 25 best beaches in America, the 25 best beaches in the world (Brazil's Baia do Sancho is number one), and more traveler-picked destinations worth seeing.

1. Clearwater Beach, Florida
2. Ka’anapali Beach, Lahaina, Hawaii
3. Panama City Beach, Florida
4. St. Pete Beach, Florida
5. Pensacola Beach, Florida
6. Siesta Beach, Siesta Key, Florida
7. Hapuna Beach State Recreation Area, Puako, Hawaii
8. St. Augustine Beach, Florida
9. Fort Lauderdale Beach, Florida
10. Driftwood Beach, Jekyll Island, Georgia

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This Outdoor Lantern Will Keep Mosquitoes Away—No Bug Spray Necessary

Thermacell, Amazon
Thermacell, Amazon

With summer comes outdoor activities, and with those activities come mosquito bites. If you're one of the unlucky people who seem to attract the insects, you may be tempted to lock yourself inside for the rest of the season. But you don't have to choose between comfort and having a cocktail on the porch, because this lamp from Thermacell ($25) keeps outdoor spaces mosquito-free without the mess of bug spray.

The device looks like an ordinary lantern you would display on a patio, but it works like bug repellent. When it's turned on, a fuel cartridge in the center provides the heat needed to activate a repellent mat on top of the lamp. Once activated, the repellent in the mat creates a 15-by-15-foot bubble of protection that repels any mosquitos nearby, making it a great option for camping trips, days by the pool, and backyard barbecues.

Mosquito repellent lantern.

Unlike some other mosquito repellents, this lantern is clean, safe, and scent-free. It also provides light like a real lamp, so you can keep pests away without ruining your backyard's ambience.

The Thermacell mosquito repellent lantern is now available on Amazon. If you've already suffered your first mosquito bites of the summer, here's some insight into why that itch can be so excruciating.

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A Luxurious Private Island in Fiji Is Heading to Auction

Platinum Luxury Auctions
Platinum Luxury Auctions

There may be less expensive ways to get away from it all, but few are as luxurious as owning your own private island. Soon that dream will become a reality for someone with money to spend on real estate. According to Robb Report, Mai Island off the coast of Fiji is headed to auction.

Mai Island is the picture of isolation. To get there by boat, visitors must take a 90-minute trip from the neighboring island of Vanua Levu. The only other ways to access the island are by helicopter or seaplane.

The secluded location offers plenty to anyone willing to make the trek there. On the southwest side, there's a quarter-mile of sandy beach, and on the opposite end, there's a deep-water anchorage perfect for parking mega-yachts. The 32-acre island also features waterfalls, 300-year-old ruins, and a freshwater lake pristine enough to supply water to the mainland.

After a day of lounging by the ocean, residents can retreat to the cozy one-bedroom villa with its own spacious deck. There are also two separate cottages for any staff members on the island.

When Platinum Luxury Auctions sells Mai Island on Saturday, July 25, it will be one of the rare Fijian properties available for buyers residing outside the island chain to purchase outright. This auction doesn't list a minimum price, but it will likely garner some high bids. Recently, sellers listed the island at $4.2 million.

Villa on private island.

Private island in Fiji.

Beach on private island.

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