This 'Smart Broom' Sucks Up Debris and Eliminates the Need for a Dust Pan

Enhance Product Development
Enhance Product Development / Enhance Product Development
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As far as cleaning apparatuses are concerned, dust pans are arguably the ones with the worst ergonomic design. You have to repeatedly bend over to use them and, frustratingly, they always seem to leave a trail of dust behind.

Sweeping will always be a chore, but it doesn’t have to be quite so backbreaking. If you want to get to the source of the problem, a brand new broom-vacuum hyrbid renders dust pans unnecessary. Dubbed the VaBroom, this cordless “smart broom” from Enhance Product Development combines the best features of a broom and vacuum.

The device is pretty straightforward: You would use it like you’d use a regular broom, sweeping dirt and debris into a nice, neat pile. The difference is that instead of reaching for the dust pan, you’d simply tilt the VaBroom to one side and let the pressure-activated nozzle suck everything up.

It can hold up to one cup of debris at a time, and it can also handle somewhat larger messes, like dry cereal, candy, kitty litter, and small pebbles. It can also fit into hard-to-reach crevices like window sills and corners, without you ever having to worry about extra attachments or accessories.

When you’re all finished, just press a button to release the waste into your garbage can. The broom is lightweight and takes four AA batteries, which last for about 500 uses. The VaBroom is currently selling at a discounted rate of $35 on Kickstarter, and orders will be shipped this October.

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